Make Scrap Matter!

I create custom metal art out of scrap metal. Donations are what drives this cause and keeps the vision alive.

Your donations of metal scrap are used to build each project. Of course, there are times where specific metal doesn’t make the cut – and in these cases, yes, I will scrap them for pennies to the dollar. (Full disclosure, of course). This helps cover material costs – spray paint, welding wire, welding gas, etc.

There are many different types of materials accepted for donation. If you’re curious whether something of interest, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information. You might be surprised!

I am always up for the challenge of custom design requests – if you have something specific in mind – drop me a line!


S.H.A.R.E Horse Rescue

KCFB Silent Auction – Article

One of my -first- large item creations made from scrap metal parts. Donated to the Kane County Farm Bureau for auction to help support scholarship program of those studying within the agricultural field(s).


“Heavy Heart” Sculpture donated to to help veterans with PTSD

Created & Donated

Publications & Other Details

“Around Town” – WGN-TV Morning News – December 29, 2022

Kane County Farm Bureau – August 2017 – Auction Newsletter

Kane County Farm Bureau - August 2017 - Auction Newsletter

Scrap Material Donation Sample List


Not sure if it’s steel? Try the magnet test – if it sticks to it, it’s steel! Got Rust? Not a problem – rust can sometimes add ‘character’ to the perfect project!

Steel Tubing/Sheet Metal Scraps

Square Tubing, Steel piping, conduit, angle iron…any size, any shape, any condition – even leftover pieces


Cabinets, Chairs, Plant Hooks, Tables, Desks, Crates, Bins/Buckets, Storage Racking, Gas/Electric grills – just to name a few!


Furnace/AC units, Refrigerators, Washer/Dryers – Working or non working – doesn’t matter! (Free pickup offered)

Old Tools / Misc Items

Think “old rusty tools” – Power tools, Wrenches, Screw Drivers, Drill Bits, Saw Blades, Hammers, Vices, Metal files…even old nuts/bolts, washers, nails…just a sample of items to keep an eye out for!

Other Accepted Materials

Materials that help tremendously to support the cause and provide funding needed to keep the cause successful!


Remember the magnet test? Well, if a magnet doesn’t stick to the item (and it’s not plastic), it most likely means it is aluminum. You can get a good idea from how heavy an item is. (aluminum is much lighter than steel)

Aluminum siding, decorations made of aluminum, folding chairs, tire rims, car parts, shelving units etc.

Copper / Brass / Cables & Cords

Extension cords, phone chargers, computer cables, speaker wire, electrical materials, pipes, filters (these are generally a mixture of copper and aluminum)

Spray Paint/Auto Body Paint

Any color/finish. New or used – but must still be in acceptable, usable condition.

Due to recycling restrictions, we are unable to accept televisions, propane tanks, or coax cable.