About Steel Envy

Steel Envy is a woman owned and operated custom welding company located in the Chicago suburbs. This one-woman show has been creating one-of-a-kind metal art pieces since 2019.

How did you get into welding?

I spent many years working in the corporate world. I realized I needed to and wanted to switch gears. Learning how to weld was on my bucket list, and since learning sign language takes a long time and learning how to sky dive is off the record because I’m now afraid of heights, I decided to take a 3-day metal sculpture class at Water Street Studios in 2017. Remarkably, in three short days I finally found my passion. Following the course, I went out and bought a welder, and got to work immediately. While still working a corporate job for a few years, I continued to hone my welding skills and passion, primarily creating sculptures for charity as a way of giving back.

Eventually I transitioned fulltime into creating one-of-a-kind metal art, and thus Steel Envy was born. If you can dream it, I can build it – and that’s the best part about my job; taking a dream and turning it into reality.

Do you have a storefront?

At this time, I do not have a storefront; Onsite visits are by appointment only – please click here to submit a request for an appointment – please note that appointments are reserved for customers only.

To view available projects, please visit this page.

How do you come up with the ideas for your projects?

The mind is a powerful tool when you let it run wild!

Do you offer welding classes?

At the moment, no – I do not offer classes at this time. Doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen, though – if this is something that interests you, send me a message!

I like a lot of color; can I have you paint my sculpture?

I do not offer any custom painting services at this time. Feel free to paint your sculpture any color you’d like once you’ve brought it home – no hard feelings from my end!

Will my sculpture rust?

If sculptures are stored indoors, rust is unlikely. However, outdoor sculptures will rust if not properly maintained. I try to send most projects home with some sort of clear coat; weather permitting. I recommend Rust-Oleum Clear spray paint; in the MATTE finish.